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Nu Skin History of Science & Innovation Mark Bartlett Ph.D. shares the story and details behind Nu Skin’s past and present scientific breakthroughs. Although the video content is a few years old, it gives a clear, concise projection of where the company has been and where it’s going. Further information on the company: http://nsinsider.com The […]

ageLOC Galvanic Spa Face Treatment

Better than spa results at a fraction of the cost, in the comfort of your own home. Is this true? Galvanic spa treatments are not ‘new’. They have been offered in high-end beauty salons & spas for about 50 years now. In a salon/spa, the galvanic machine is operated by a qualified esthetician who determines […]


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There Are Three Kinds Of People… Those who watch things happen, those who ignore what’s happening, and those who make things happen. Stuck in the comfort zone? One good look at the economy and we see crisis happening all around us. The devastating effects are seen in rapidly increasing…

Who has read Today I Begin A New Life?

Ask Yourself… What If?

Once, maybe twice in your life, you are lucky enough to be presented with an opportunity that could change your life while doing good in the world. My question is: Would you recognize it if it were right in front of you? The biggest launch in network marketing is coming October 15, 2013. The world’s […]

Look Better Naked!

Look Better Naked explains the dieting pitfalls and explains why dieting simply does not work. That’s about to change in October, 2013 as the solution the world’s biggest health crisis pre-launches globally by a 29 year old scientific based anti-aging company. The end of yo yo dieting is coming!

The Next 10 Years

If you’ve ever wondered what the next 5 or 10 years of your life will be like, take a look at the last 5 or 10 years of your life. If you make no changes, you can expect much of the same.


During a recent presentation, a group of ladies were sitting with their arms crossed & heads tilted, while tossing looks of skepticism at one another and making the whole performance quite obvious to me. Although they were listening, I could tell they had some strong opinions. The pressure was rising and I could feel the […]


The biggest launch in network marketing history is coming October 15, 2013, yet so few know about it! In a recent documentary on the Discovery Channel, our scientists were featured as they explored the research behind the study of epigenetics. The company has already launched some revolutionary products in the anti-aging industry, but now, this […]


Once, maybe twice in your life, you may be presented with an amazing opportunity that can change your life dramatically. The question is… Would you recognize it? There are thousands of network marketing companies, mixed with a few giants, and a far too many wanna-be’s. Sure, you can have a burning passion for a certain […]